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My own Wolplamuur project

So as you know, I was extremely inspired by this project by Heleen Klopper which I posted about a few weeks ago.  So I went out, bought some felting needles and dyed roving (lazy) and went at it! Two down and a bunch more to go.  Just thought I’d share.  It’s really a lot of fun…


Osborn Design Studio

LOVE these unisex fair-trade shoes designed by Osborn Design Studio, and made in Guatemala City.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen these until today.  These floral booties on top are my personal faves. Check out their site for more awesome fabrics.

osborn, shoes, fair trade, oxfords, booties, fashion, thelooksee

osborn, shoes, fair trade, oxfords, booties, fashion, thelooksee

osborn, shoes, fair trade, oxfords, booties, fashion, thelooksee

Wolplamuur: Wool Filler by Heleen Klopper

I think this idea is brilliant.

“Wool Filler for mending holes in textiles was born out of a need to repair a hole in a woolen cardigan. The edges of such holes are rarely clean-cut and they are often surrounded by ladders, fraying or worn patches. The differences in thickness and the openness of the structure make felt the ideal solution for mending. Felt, being non-woven, attaches easily to any open structure. Fillers made for materials like wood consist of fibres and a chemical binder. Felt is different: it attaches mechanically by means of minuscule scales. Where once there was a hole, there’s now a new piece of fabric.”

Well loved cardigan… rescued!

wolplamuur, felt, cardigan, wool, patch, heleen klopper, thelooksee

wolplamuur, felt, cardigan, wool, patch, heleen klopper, thelooksee

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Etsy vintage picks: Going Somewhere?

jessjamesjake, yellow backpack, european, travel, thelooksee

jessjamesjake, etsy, yellow backpack, european, travel, thelooksee

deargoldenvintage, etsy, patchwork bag, travel, vintage, bag, thelooksee

dahlilaafound, doctor bag, travel, overnighter, etsy, thelooksee

1. & 2.  Jess James Jake  3. Dear Golden Vintage  4. Dahlila Found

Showdown: Urban Outfitters vs. Etsy

Ok.  I know that I post a lot of stuff from Urban Outfitters right here on this very blog.  But you also know that I love to hate them.  Today is no exception.  I am looking at their site, at the apartment section, and seeing reproductions of ceramics that my friends and I have, and thinking… you know what this is ridiculous.  Some of the vintage items they knock off are infuriating because if you spent like 10 more minutes looking on Etsy or Ebay, you could find a comparable or better deal on something that is actually vintage, and therefore something that will be more likely to retain its value.  As much as I am loathe to have more hipsters crowding out the thrift stores I go to, or snatching up cool vintage things on Etsy, I do want to prevent more crap from ending up in our landfills and I want to encourage people not to be so lazy.   Perhaps people are under the impression that vintage is more expensive, but you will see that simply isn’t true.

I am considering making this an ongoing section where I compare a selection of things that are currently available on Etsy to things that are currently available at Urban Outfitters.  In the “apartment” section in particular.   Please let me know what you think!

Anyway, here are a few from today:

Urban Outfitters– $48:


Found Vintage Style– $48:

found vintage style, drip german vases, vintage, ceramic, etsy, thelooksee

Urban Outfitters– $18:


Autumnal Always– $10:

autumn always, squirrel jar, vintage, etsy, thelooksee

Urban Outfitters– $16


Carnavore Cockatiel-$15

carnavore cockatiel, whale ashtray, vintage, etsy, thelooksee

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I received an email last week from Leigh at Elroy with photos of their eco-friendly line.  The full collection is constructed from only sustainable and socially responsible fabrics such as organic cotton, handwoven bamboo, hemp and tencel.

elroy, eco-friendly, sustainable, clothing, fashion, thelooksee

elroy, eco-friendly, sustainable, clothing, fashion, thelooksee

Posted March 3rd, 2009 in design, fashion, socially responsible.

Mother Mother

I love these two items from Mother Mother, a fair trade line out of Denmark.  Cute men’s things too.

mother mother, tunic, plaid, fair trade, the looksee

mother mother, bag, striped, fair trade, the looksee

Posted October 30th, 2008 in design, fashion, socially responsible.

Etsy find: Little Sapling Toys

These are lovely, simple wooden toys for infants.  I’m especially charmed by the rattle pictured below.

little sapling toys, rattle, kids, infant, thelooksee

little sapling toys, etsy, stacker, kids, infant, thelooksee

little sapling toys, rocking horse, kids, thelooksee, etsy

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Sexy black bikes

Wow. Gorgeous, elegant, well put together. Even my bike-snob husband approves. With gas as expensive as it is (and likely to become more so) we should be investing in good, sturdy, and even beautiful bikes- not more gas guzzling vehicles.  I like that their URL is just ablackbike.comnice and simple.



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Etsy find: Hey Peanut

This shop carries some of the cutest little booties and toys I’ve seen- all handmade, some with vintage materials…




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