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The Unknowable

“We are also ignorant of the actual coordination and connectedness of things, that is, of how things are really ordered and connected, and therefore it is better and indeed necessary for the conduct of life, to regard things as possible.”


Ink Drawing by Mathilde Flögl

deco, textiles, matilde flogl, black and white, drawing

c. 1916

Lenore Tawney’s NY apartment

Just wanted to share this inspiring space that belonged to my favorite fiber artist, Lenore Tawney. Image existing and creating in this space…

lenore tawney, apartment, new york, space, inspiration, design, fiber, textile

lenore tawney, inspiration, design, fiber, textile

(have had these images for a while and don’t recall where they came from… apologies)

Eric Mistretta

eric mistretta, wig, spray paint, hair, island, art

The Best Is Yet To Come

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Minnow Bathers

I am obsessed.  If I were going to plunk down some change for a new swimsuit this summer it would be for this one.  I’m usually a vintage one-piece only kinda girl, but I love most of the styles in this shop.  I even love this two-piece.

minnow bather, swimsuit, maillot, bikini, two piece, floral, etsy, the look see

Oh, and I would also wear this.

Rudi Gernreich Moon Scarf

rudi gernreich, scarf, silk, textiles, accessories, moon, modern, phases

Vintage moon scarf by Rudi Gernreich
in the NorthStar Vintage Shop

Masha Reva: Merging

masha reva, merging, print, artist, fashion, design, photo

Part of this beautiful series by Ukrainian artist, Masha Reva.

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Macramé Park: Bolinas, CA

macrame, park, 70's, art, kids, vintage, yarn

macrame, park, 70's, art, kids, vintage, yarn

Not surprisingly, this awesome macramé playground doesn’t exist anymore.  What a shame.

Native Funk and Flash – An Emerging Folk Art
by Alexandra Jacopetti/Photographs by Jerry Wainwright
Published by Scrimshaw, 1974

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These are pretty much the most inspiring photos I’ve seen in weeks. Just amazingly beautiful.

beads, beadwork, africa, african elegance, photos, the look see

beads, beadwork, africa, african elegance, photos, the look see

African Elegance by Alice Mertens / photos by Joan Broster (1973)

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Etsy Picks: Color Injection

I have been inspired by really bold contrasting colors and prints lately.  Here are a few wild, bold, and lovely things on Etsy right now that make me happy.

splotch, handpainted, shirt, by rachel rose, etsy

woven necklace, jennifer loiselle, etsy

chenille, plaid, bedspread, barking sands vintage, etsy

crewel pillow, floral, bright, projector, etsy

cosby sweater, bright, floaty party, etsy

zigzag rug, vintage, bright, contrast, kcuz, etsy

1. By Rachel Rose  2. Jennifer Loiselle  3. Barking Sands Vintage  4. Projecteur  5. Floaty Party (um, how much do you love this photo?)  6. KCSUZ