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Jello vs. Slime mold


Reminds me of:


Jello gif is from here and the slime mold gif from here.  I previously posted the slime mold gif here, but today when I saw the Jello gif, I started laughing thinking of the gross similarity to the slime mold animation.  Enjoy!


This bad boy is going into my dinner.  Gorgeous, right?

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Enormous Champion towels

I have a serious addiction to kitchen towels: floursack, huck, linen… you name it.  I usually only buy vintage ones, but I am in love with these two by Enormous Champion at Heath Ceramics.

enormous champion, heath ceramics, towels, animals, thelooksee

enormous champion, heath ceramics, towels, animals, thelooksee

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From the weekend

Valentine’s weekend was: an orchid, 85% dark chocolate, sitting in the sun with Pimm’s cups (pictured), margaritas with friends, movies, sushi, boysenberry pie, and spending time with my sweetie.

I hope that you had a nice one too.

Alexa Lixfeld Metamorphose

I adore this solid colour porcelain from Alexa Lixfeld.  Lovely.  Who says porcelain has to be prissy?

alexa lixfeld, ceramic, porcelain, dishes, art, thelooksee

alexa lixfeld, ceramic, porcelain, dishes, art, thelooksee

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Hollow pattern

Cut into the cucumber from the CSA I mentioned a few posts back and half of it was hollow!  It made me smile.

CSA Veg Box

I love the CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) movement in LA.   Californians are a little late to the game, as I know places in other parts of the world have been doing this for some time, but they are springing up all over the place now.  Local farms contribute different things, so that the boxes are quite varied, and the produce is entirely seasonal.  Our friends Craig and Kenny let us pick up (and eat) their box while they were out of town this weekend.  It was full of peaches, carrots, tomatoes, corn, chilis, potatoes, cabbage, a watermelon, a head of lettuce, and more- and that was just the “small” box!  Crazy.  I am now looking for inventive recipes to use so that I don’t waste any of these farm-fresh goodies.  For you LA locals, this is the co-op that my friends use.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

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Etsy vintage picks: Let me spell it out for you

I have always found it amusing when a bowl or glass is labeled for a specific item like “chips” or “whiskey”.  I generally shy away from buying things with such labels because I feel restricted by my own desire to follow the label’s specifications to only use this bowl for chips or that glass for whiskey.

That being said, I still absolutely love these types of containers- mostly for the typography, whether it be goofy or tasteful.







1. Domestikate  2. & 3. Junk Culture  4. Kitch Cafe  5. The Bag Basement

Etsy vintage picks: Summer entertaining

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1. Great Findz   2. Five6Seven8  3. Joe Vintage

Kinder Happy Hippo Biscuit

Yes, I know he’s really too cute to eat.  But so delicious!  If you are a European ex-pat in Los Angeles, and miss your Kinder candies, you really must pay a visit to Mel & Rose on Melrose Ave. past Crescent Heights near Melrose Place.  They are stocked with great wines, sodas, rare candies, and other snacks.  I became obsessed with adorable Kinder cookies and candies when I worked so close to this shop- they make great deli sandwiches too and I used to go here for lunch quite often.

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