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Anja Hynynen

Another beautiful eco-friendly line… But sadly not available anywhere in the USA.



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Sublet clothing

Tara at Sublet Clothing sent me an email the other day, introducing me to her sustainable clothing line. Unlike many eco-friendly lines I’ve seen, the line is well designed! I like these two designs especially…  Thanks Tara!



Meaningful gift

If you’d like to make a meaningful and charitable donation this year, Heifer International is a wonderful charity which works to end world hunger and poverty by allowing you to contribute money which goes directly to providing, bees, livestock, etc. to 3rd world countries. Please look at their site and consider a donation. Merry Christmas everyone!



“Green” Christmas tree

This is a really nice (albeit a bit expensive) alternative to a Christmas tree… especially if you have modernist sensibilities! The maker, Buro North, says these trees are 80% more environmentally friendly than traditional pine trees. They come in multiple sizes, and can be used for years to come.
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Lucile Soufflet

I recently found the work of designer Lucile Soufflet.  This older project of hers reminds me a lot of Lorena Barrazueta’s work (see earlier post), only Soufflet also incorporates silver to make precious objects out of disposable ones.


Hanger chair

This is an interesting experiment in recycling from Vanessa Marie Robinson.



Etsy find: Lorena Barrezueta

So I was already familiar with/in love with Lorena Barrezueta’s work via her own site, but didn’t realize until searching through like 180 pages of ceramics on Etsy that Lorena has her own Etsy shop. If you don’t already know about her work, she primarily makes cast ceramic versions of things that are usually disposable (ie: aluminum pie tins, solo cups, etc). The result is beautiful.