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Lenore Tawney’s NY apartment

Just wanted to share this inspiring space that belonged to my favorite fiber artist, Lenore Tawney. Image existing and creating in this space…

lenore tawney, apartment, new york, space, inspiration, design, fiber, textile

lenore tawney, inspiration, design, fiber, textile

(have had these images for a while and don’t recall where they came from… apologies)

The Fundamental Group

the fundamental group, design, geometry, architecture, furniture

The Fundamental Group

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Cactus Tools

Want. Them. All.

innovative, cactus, tools, spines, transport, uk, the look see

innovative, cactus, tools, spines, transport, uk, the look see

innovative, cactus, tools, spines, transport, uk, the look see

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My Little Apartment on Apartment Therapy

Mega-congrats to my friend Dean over at My Little Apartment (also of South Social & Home) for getting her beautiful apartment posted on Apartment Therapy! If there were ever a Craigslist queen, it would be Dean.  Check out the post here!




All photos via Apartment Therapy.


etsy, shino's world, the look see, jewelry, ceramic

yosef perez, clothing, print, psychedelic, fashion, the look see

vitrified studio, bottles, ceramics, vessels, modern, minimal, the look see

pinch me ceramics, ceramics, modern, los angeles, vessels, planters, the look see

Some Etsy shops I’ve found recently that you should check out (if you haven’t already).

1. Shino’s World  2. Yosef Perez  3. Vitrified Studio  4. Pinch Me Ceramics (a fellow Angeleno!)

Etsy Picks: Color Injection

I have been inspired by really bold contrasting colors and prints lately.  Here are a few wild, bold, and lovely things on Etsy right now that make me happy.

splotch, handpainted, shirt, by rachel rose, etsy

woven necklace, jennifer loiselle, etsy

chenille, plaid, bedspread, barking sands vintage, etsy

crewel pillow, floral, bright, projector, etsy

cosby sweater, bright, floaty party, etsy

zigzag rug, vintage, bright, contrast, kcuz, etsy

1. By Rachel Rose  2. Jennifer Loiselle  3. Barking Sands Vintage  4. Projecteur  5. Floaty Party (um, how much do you love this photo?)  6. KCSUZ

LACMA: Pacific Standard Time Contributions

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I started a new job (hooray!) at the end of September and have had very little spare time or energy. I will still be posting, but the posts will be a little spread out. Please keep me in your RSS reader!

So this past weekend my lovely mother came to visit from Northern California. We visited LACMA because I wanted to show her LACMA first of all, but also wanted to see their contribution to Pacific Standard Time. My favorites were California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way and the installation of Five Card Stud by Ed Kleinholtz which was quite moving and immersive. This is a post about the former, but the latter is darkly fantastic and definitely worth visiting.

I took a janky phone photo of the Eames living room, as recreated by LACMA to compare to the real thing. I can tell you that even though it wasn’t identical, it filled me with joy and made me want to hop into the installation and have a cup of coffee a friend (or with the Eames’s).


eames, living room, charles, ray, modernism, california



eames, living room, charles, ray, modernism, california, LACMA, pacific standard time

Not quite the same, but you should check it out here for more detail.

Michelle Valigura

I bought this tiny vase (only a few inches tall) at a shop near me, and just love it. Ceramicist Michelle Valigura’s work reminds me of Alexander Girard and a little of Mary Blair.

michelle valigura, ceramics, faces, los angeles, moustache, the look see

Pacific Standard Time: Art in LA 1945-1980

Perhaps you’ve already heard about Pacific Standard Time, especially if you’re a Southern California resident.  If not, check out their site and start planning what events and exhibitions you want to go to!

rolf nelson gallery, pacific standard time, art, exhibit, los angeles, california, the look see

eames, chairs, california design, art, interiors, pacific standard time, the look see

“Pacific Standard Time is an unprecedented collaboration of cultural institutions across Southern California coming together to celebrate the birth of the L.A. art scene. Beginning October 2011, over 60 cultural institutions will make their contributions to this region-wide initiative encompassing every major L.A. art movement from 1945 to 1980.”

I’m super excited about these upcoming shows and events in and around LA. I suppose I should also mention that my jewelry line is going to be featured in the Orange County Museum of Art’s shop in conjunction with their Two Schools of Cool exhibit and State of Mind: New California Art Circa 1970, which is their contribution to Pacific Standard Time. I’m currently working on a batch of one-of-a-kind pieces for them, mainly with vintage materials.


Maurizio Zucchi: living among the cacti

Another space to dream about. More images at iiiinspired.  All of my dream spaces (for example) are primarily filled with plants and light.

maurizio zucchi, elle korea, cacti, interior design, iiinspired, decor, the look see

maurizio zucchi, elle korea, cacti, interior design, iiinspired, decor, the look see

(via here / original photos from Elle Korea)