Etsy Picks: Color Injection

I have been inspired by really bold contrasting colors and prints lately.  Here are a few wild, bold, and lovely things on Etsy right now that make me happy.

splotch, handpainted, shirt, by rachel rose, etsy

woven necklace, jennifer loiselle, etsy

chenille, plaid, bedspread, barking sands vintage, etsy

crewel pillow, floral, bright, projector, etsy

cosby sweater, bright, floaty party, etsy

zigzag rug, vintage, bright, contrast, kcuz, etsy

1. By Rachel Rose  2. Jennifer Loiselle  3. Barking Sands Vintage  4. Projecteur  5. Floaty Party (um, how much do you love this photo?)  6. KCSUZ

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