LACMA: Pacific Standard Time Contributions

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I started a new job (hooray!) at the end of September and have had very little spare time or energy. I will still be posting, but the posts will be a little spread out. Please keep me in your RSS reader!

So this past weekend my lovely mother came to visit from Northern California. We visited LACMA because I wanted to show her LACMA first of all, but also wanted to see their contribution to Pacific Standard Time. My favorites were California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way and the installation of Five Card Stud by Ed Kleinholtz which was quite moving and immersive. This is a post about the former, but the latter is darkly fantastic and definitely worth visiting.

I took a janky phone photo of the Eames living room, as recreated by LACMA to compare to the real thing. I can tell you that even though it wasn’t identical, it filled me with joy and made me want to hop into the installation and have a cup of coffee a friend (or with the Eames’s).


eames, living room, charles, ray, modernism, california



eames, living room, charles, ray, modernism, california, LACMA, pacific standard time

Not quite the same, but you should check it out here for more detail.

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