CSA Veg Box

I love the CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) movement in LA.   Californians are a little late to the game, as I know places in other parts of the world have been doing this for some time, but they are springing up all over the place now.  Local farms contribute different things, so that the boxes are quite varied, and the produce is entirely seasonal.  Our friends Craig and Kenny let us pick up (and eat) their box while they were out of town this weekend.  It was full of peaches, carrots, tomatoes, corn, chilis, potatoes, cabbage, a watermelon, a head of lettuce, and more- and that was just the “small” box!  Crazy.  I am now looking for inventive recipes to use so that I don’t waste any of these farm-fresh goodies.  For you LA locals, this is the co-op that my friends use.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

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