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Busy week

Hi, sorry if I’ve been lagging with posts.  I was working at the LA Textile Show, studying for an Algebra exam, and planning a baby shower for my friend Kim.  The show is now over, test taken, and the shower a success!  A very busy week indeed.   Next week is Spring Break which will be nice.

A nice cloudy day

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1.  Some french macaroons I bought along with some harissa paste and some frozen mini-quiche crusts from a little local spot called Nicole’s Gourmet Foods, which I’d highly recommend.

2.  My sleepy cat.  Used to be a hellion, but you’d never know it.

Another cappuccino from Urth

So, do you think it trumps this one in the cuteness department?

Urth Caffé

A delicious and oddly adorable cappuccino that I had today.  I’ve seen cappuccino hearts and flowers, but a teddy bear!!! Totally awesome.   Kinda made my day.

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Carved, painted, stamped, and sewn

So this year we decided to make Christmas presents for our families.  My husband and I hand-carved stamps and then decided on three colours to use for our layers, and came up with layouts for each of them.  It was a really fun process…  we were clearly feeling inspired by Native-American patterns.   This is the design we ended up with:

hand-carved, stamped, sewn, fabric, DIY, printed, thelooksee

And here’s a glimpse of our process…

hand-carved, stamped, sewn, fabric, DIY, printed, thelooksee

hand-carved, stamped, sewn, fabric, DIY, printed, thelooksee


I don’t usually post much food-related stuff that often, but I thought I’d just mention that I made this recipe from Heidi over at 101 Cookbooks (clearly, the gorgeous photo below is hers, not mine)… it is such a good soup recipe!  Seth and I came back from Portland with colds, and so were feeling like soup would be great when I saw this recipe was posted.  I added some soy-chorizo to mine at the end for protein, and I definitely recommend it.  Delicious (especially if you don’t mind a little spicyness and want it to be more filling).  It was very satisfying and hearty.  Heidi’s notes say that it doesn’t make good leftovers, but I didn’t find that to be true with mine.  Maybe because I didn’t leave any broccoli in the leftovers…?

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Well-designed cappuccino

Since today is slow in the design department, I thought I’d show you a beautiful cup of coffee.  Cappuccino from Intelligentsia to be specific.  My friend Kim and I went there over the weekend and split a piece of coffee cake, and had lovely cappuccinos with hearts on top.  Something about getting a drink with a heart on top makes you feel special.  Especially on a drizzly, dreary day like Saturday.