Visions of writing utensils

Dorky? Perhaps… however we design-y folks love us some good writing utensils, am I right? In fact the very image of them makes us tremble with desire.

Christine from Wonting emailed me a lovely note yesterday, which is always a good reminder for me to scout for new works from people I’ve featured in the past! Just so happens that she has this print below and many others, like this one, that I also really like.


I also wanted to take an opportunity to express my newfound conversion to the Caran d’Ache pens from Switzerland. Seth converted me… they’re beautiful enameled pens that come in fantastic colours, and have a great weight to them. Did I mention that they come in badical fluorescent enamels too? You may already be familiar with them, but have you tried them?


Oh, and I found these rad vintage Avon barrettes recently, and thought “Hmm, must have”. Sorry- not the greatest photo.


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