Somehow, We All Seem Connected: Steven Harrington & Justin Krietemeyer

This was a great show. National Forest’s Steven Harrington and Justin Krietemeyer collaborated on this two-man exhibition which premiered at Studio Number One. It was the perfect space for this show. When we walked in the door we were greeted by a giant cheerful teepee of Steve’s as well as a roll of his limited edition print fabric, draped from the ceiling down to the turntable set up where Shepard Fairey was spinning, followed later by Kristian Henson and others. The event was sponsored by Dewars, so there were no shortage of wonderful whiskey drinks (complete with British bartender). One couldn’t help but notice that there were strong Native American themes in Steven’s work (complete with handmade teepees, drums, tambourines, and shakers). Perhaps not coincidentally, there were also the same themes echoed in the dress of several fellow patrons. This year is definitely going to see a huge trend of Native American prints in clothing and textiles, much more so than last year, I suspect. I was really hoping that Steve would sell the yardage below (I’ll make my own pillow, thank you very much!) It was a beautiful show… filled with beautiful hipsters and delicious drinks. I hope that the fellows sold a good bit of their work, as it all looked great.

fabric, national forest, art, steven harrington, somehow we all seem connected

national forest, art, justin krietemeyer, somehow we all seem connected

teepees, national forest, art, steven harrington, somehow we all seem connected

Photos by Seth

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