Sofa lust

So first of all, I would just like to lament the fact that last week I broke my camera! This was my very first little digital camera which Seth helped me pick out- a Panasonic DMC-FX07 with a Leica lense. A great little trouper of a camera. Sadly whilst whipping it out to take a photo I dropped it, and even though it was not too far off the ground, the impact was too much. Now I can’t zoom in and out, nor can I focus by doing a little half-press of the shutter button. So time to save up! *Sigh.

Anyway, as you may know from previous posts, Seth and I have invested in this aesthetically decent sofa from Urban Outfitters. It goes pretty well with our vintage Danish modern chair, and most of our decor. The sofa we really love is this one (if we were to buy new), but we would love to have either of these gorgeous authentic vintage ones:



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