Fall Fashion Week Looks Part 1

Maybe I say this every time, but so far I haven’t been wowed by any one collection in its entirety.  I feel like I’m seeing a lot of super sleek and/or shiny designs that still manage to be boring or just unwearable (ie: Acne leggings that appear to be made of transparent raincoat plastic), and I’m seeing way too much fur.  Some collections like Marc by Marc, and Sophie Theallet were great if it weren’t for the terrible choice of footwear.  Ladies in lovely dresses with feet clad in mukluks or hiking boots?  No thanks.  Here are some looks that I’ve liked (including some Marc by Marc looks where the models are wearing less offensive footwear).  I will continue to follow the shows and post more as it comes along.






1. & 2.  Marc by Marc Jacobs 3.  Trovata 4. & 5.  United Bamboo

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