Etsy vintage picks: At home

Just a few things of interest that I think would add some character or warmth to a home, depending on your style.  I know I could see any of these in my house (but then again my style is all over the place)!  My particular favourites are the boar’s head, and the beautiful woven pillow cover, which has a mate here that is also fantastic.

I once read a designer say basically that no matter what the object is, if you really love it, it will fit into your house, and I’ve found that to be true.  Somehow all the things you like end up kind of working together because they reflect something in common- you.  Do you find that to be true in your house?

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boar plaque, wall hanging, vintagestarrbeads, thelooksee

lucky little dot, flower cushion, shopping, etsy, thelooksee

lucky little dot, chief bookends, vintage, etsy, thelooksee

vintage bird tapestry, lucky little dot, native american, woven, etsy, thelooksee

1. SeeSaw Vintage  2.  Vintage Starr Beads  3. 4. & 5.  Lucky Little Dot

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