DIY Dinosaur Barrette ? la Helen Hunt

You may have seen this image at or even followed this great tutorial on Honestly WTF.

spike barrette,

Well I just watched Girls Just Want To Have Fun for the first time the other day (hooray for dance offs), another fun movie I missed out on in my youth.  In GJWHF, Helen Hunt’s style is that of the “quirky 80’s best friend”, and though there are other fashion gems in this movie (including a beret adorned with a plastic lizard) I took a screengrab of these dino-barrettes that reminded me of the above photo/tutorial. Granted, a less sophisticated version, but nonetheless I think you’ll see what I mean…

girls just want to have fun, dinosaur barrette, DIY,  the look see

DIY tutorial for dinosaur barrettes ? la Helen Hunt:

1. Buy clips like these.

2. Buy rubber or plastic dinosaurs.  Stegosaurus or Pelycosaur might work best.

3. Hot glue dinosaurs to clips.

4. Wear in hair with some crazy expensive outfit, and pull off your own “quirky 80’s best friend” look.

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