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Vintage Finds: Ceramics & baskets

Today I totally scored.  I found these three amazing pots (my favourite is the large modernist one on the left),  and I found these two baskets with leather-wrapped handles.  The baskets are perfect for my new office, and the pots are perfect for all my succulents and cacti that are rapidly needing bigger pots.

® thelooksee, thrift, ceramics, vintage

® thelooksee, thrift, basket, woven, vintage

Update: Renilde DePeuter 2

Yet another couple of new pieces by Renilde for her Wormhole series.  I’m always so inspired by her work.  I love this new one especially:


I am also enamored of this new hooked rug cushion she made:

renilde depeuter, cushion, needlepoint, art, thelooksee

Makelike: Cactus collection

Thanks to Makelike for contacting me about their current Cactus collection which I’m absolutely in love with!  These cactus tea towels and wallpaper are right up my alley.  As you know I’m a big cacti/succulent hobbyist, and if you’ll indulge me for a second I’d just like to say that I feel like cacti are rarely represented in a way that doesn’t come across as cheesy or “early 90’s”, if you know what I mean.  Also, it’s rare to see anything other than Saguaro depicted on anything.

So yes… this line is fantastic.  Also, everything is limited edition, so get them quickly.  Looking forward to seeing their next collection based on a celebration of the forest.

Vintage Find: Girard-esque needlepoint

Now hanging over my mantle:

The photo can’t begin to capture the colours.

Today’s Vintage Finds

flickr, photos, thelooksee

flickr, photos, thelooksee

I found this elegant old Seth Thomas clock that is an early battery-operated model with convex glass, and this rad enamel necklace today (my husband deemed it “powerful”) at the Goodwill.  I was pretty happy with those two finds.

Henrik Vibskov woven blanket

I really want this throw in bedspread form.  Is that crazy?  This gem is on sale at Creatures of Comfort, along with many other fine things that I still can’t afford.  Sigh.

vibskov, blanket, creatures of comfort, luxury, psychedelic, thelooksee

Garden by Joe Paine

I love this series of planters by Joe Paine. I certainly have enough plants for these!

joe paine, wall hanging, planters, garden, design, art, thelooksee

joe paine, wall hanging, planters, garden, design, art, thelooksee

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Colour by Daniel Rybakken and Andreas Engesvik

I love this idea- interchangeable screens in front of an opaque disk and round fluorescent lamp.  So lovely for a loft or large airy space.  Look here for more photos.

colour screen lamp, rybakken, engesvik, design, home, thelooksee

Etsy Picks: Debbie Carlos

My friend’s sister Debbie is a super talented photographer who just opened an Etsy shop and is selling half-tone prints of some of her awesome photos.  Check it out.  I’m pretty sure there will be more to come.



Stephen Sollins

Part of me is pained by the work of Sollins because he removes needlework from existing vintage pieces.  But he does so while counting the stitches by colour, and then reworks the canvas with exactly the same number of stitches that were used previously, but in a modernist, minimal grid.  The dominant color (by quantity) is always placed at the upper right of the grid with the square size descending from right to left.

I have to admit that I really like the effect.

stephen sollins, needlepoint, vintage, repurpose, art, craft, thelooksee

stephen sollins, needlepoint, vintage, repurpose, art, craft, thelooksee

stephen sollins, needlepoint, vintage, repurpose, art, craft, thelooksee

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