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Flickr love: The Organized Collection

I love this Flickr pool.  Just photos of people’s collections- organized and photographed.  Some are rather insane, but some are very sweet and serene like these.




Some recent photos

Here are a few photos I’ve managed to take recently…

euphorbia, echeveria, plants, garden, photos, thelooksee

huntington gardens, cacti, succulents, desert, the looksee

vintage tree topper, christmas, thelooksee

tabby, cat, orange, thelooksee

1. This is a peek of how my garden is looking this month… covered in leaves, but still happy.   2. From a recent trip to the Huntington Gardens  3. A vintage topper for our Christmas tree found at the Goodwill yesterday  4. My cat Milo rolling around on the warm sidewalk

Don’t forget to vote tommorrow

obama, sign, vote, obama art

(thanks to mthw for the image)

Mrs. Harry K. Thaw (aka Evelyn Nesbit)

mrs harry k thaw, evelyn nesbit, library of congress, vintage photo, the looksee

What a great photo (she looks adorable), and what an interesting story about Mr. Thaw.  More here about Evelyn Nesbit. I’m obsessed with the Library of Congress Flickr photostream.

Pascal Tessier

I found Pascal’s beautiful work via my stumbling around on Flickr, which led me to his website.  I suggest looking at his Flickr sets though for the sake of ease.

pascal tessier, art, animated, thelooksee

pascal tessier, art, cube,  thelooksee

I love you, Buckminster Fuller

buckminster fuller, geodesic, flickr, dome

(from this great Flickr photostream by Nequest)

Flickr find: Superbomba

Um… I’m in love with Superbomba. She posts the best vintage photos. I genuinely don’t think there’s a bad photo in her photostream. Just varying degrees of good. I proudly admit to wasting lots of time looking at every single page of her photostream. Here’s a taste (and trust me, it’s hard to narrow down)…




Flickr find: Geodesic Igloo


Flickr find: Library of Congress

Did you know that the Library of Congress has a Flickr photo stream?  They’ve been collecting photos since the early 1800’s and are putting these collections up on Flickr bit by bit.  I have to give credit to my hubby for this find.



Flickr find: Souvenirs

This is a great little project by Michael Hughes, documented and posted on Flickr. Totally worth wasting 15 minutes of your Friday to look through these.


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