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Etsy & Flickr find: Drew Anderson

Here’s another artist I found on Etsy who also has work up on Flickr.  His old found-photo drawings are especially interesting, and are what drew me to look at his work.



Steve Wiman

Why is there something so appealing about meticulous arrangements of objects?  I really like this portfolio (which I found via here).

As a related aside, I recently found this flickr set, entirely devoted to photos of peoples collections. Collections bordering on obsessive-compulsive.


Flickr & Etsy find: Violet Julia

Today is the day of photography!  I found Violet Julia’s Etsy shop first, which led me to her Flickr portfolio.  Some lovely photos, many of which are polaroids or Holga photos.  Very serene nature photography. Some prints available in her Etsy shop.



Y. Morytah

These collages are fantastic. This is a great portfolio.


(via here)

Carniverous terrariums

Our friend Mark Allen over at Machine Project has been growing some beautiful carnivorous plants in little terrariums.  The effect is quite delicate and lovely.  Check out his Flickr photoset. They will soon have them for sale too…


Flickr: Money origami

The origami money in the photos from Nicolas Cage Vampire Teeth (!) are pretty funny/rad…