Neutral textures

arcflora, bouquet

arcflora, bouquet

arclora, bouquet
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The Unknowable

“We are also ignorant of the actual coordination and connectedness of things, that is, of how things are really ordered and connected, and therefore it is better and indeed necessary for the conduct of life, to regard things as possible.”


Ink Drawing by Mathilde Flögl

deco, textiles, matilde flogl, black and white, drawing

c. 1916

With Open Hands

I went to Tucson, Arizona for the Gem and Mineral shows at the end of January/beginning of February on a buying trip for work, which was super interesting. It was hard not to be distracted by my personal interests, but I’m pretty disciplined, and when you walk those shows for days on end you have to focus to get through them in a timely manner.  All that said, I did buy one thing… kind of a weird choice, but I saw this large carved bone pendant of open hands and had to have it.  It’s slightly creepy but I’m into it. I think it belongs on a long chain, don’t you?

hands, pendant, palms, jewelry, bone, carved

Springtime in LA

But it feels like summer!

Turquoise Armor

runway, turquoise, body jewelry, tribal, couture


I’m sorry- I can’t seem to find what show this was from to give credit, but I just loved it.

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Rings by architect Arata Isozaki

rings, Arata Isozaki, architecture, inlay, lapis, statement, jewelry, minimal
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Goodbye Milo

Thank you for letting me be your person.


Lenore Tawney’s NY apartment

Just wanted to share this inspiring space that belonged to my favorite fiber artist, Lenore Tawney. Image existing and creating in this space…

lenore tawney, apartment, new york, space, inspiration, design, fiber, textile

lenore tawney, inspiration, design, fiber, textile

(have had these images for a while and don’t recall where they came from… apologies)

Wild at Heart

Gave Wild at Heart a re-watch the other day.  Sorry Laura and Nic.