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From the weekend

Valentine’s weekend was: an orchid, 85% dark chocolate, sitting in the sun with Pimm’s cups (pictured), margaritas with friends, movies, sushi, boysenberry pie, and spending time with my sweetie.

I hope that you had a nice one too.

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

Today we lost a truly visionary designer.







* Some images above reflect collaborations with Philip Treacy.


I’m obsessed with mosses.   I took so many photos of moss while in Europe because I’m incredibly jealous of all the varieties of moss that seem to grow everywhere but in Los Angeles

(PS. Photo #1 was taken by my husband)


I love that the two souvenirs I bought were less than 17 Euros combined.  At this shop called Van Mij in Arnhem I found a lovely Moroccan towel and this sweet tangram, and couldn’t resist.  They were just so cheery and fun.  I really love the back side of the tangram package… I think it may end up on our wall.  The only thing I regret is not buying a second towel!

Back from Europe

Just got back from Europe yesterday.  We were in England, Scotland, and The Netherlands, with a little day trip to Belgium.  We had a lot of fun walking around, hiking up millions of stairs, shopping, missing trains, catching trains, catching trains to the wrong places, hanging out with friends, taking photos, eating good food, drinking good cappuccinos, generally trying to avoid as much touristy stuff as possible with the exception of a few museums, and of course walking, walking, walking.  When people ask “how do Europeans stay so thin?” just think of how much thinner you’d be if you didn’t have a car.  I think we both lost about 5 lbs. each while we were there for just two weeks.  Sorry for the lack of posts, but I really hardly had any access to internet while overseas.

Thanks to readers, friends, and friends-of-friends for all of the great suggestions of things to do/see/eat.  They were super helpful.

See you in a few weeks!

Well, we’re off to Europe tonight.  I will try to post some photos, but don’t know how much wi-fi access I’ll have, so please check back!  We’ll be back in a few weeks.

Europe, ho!

This is a little passport case I made yesterday from some leather scraps that my husband had from another project.  He cut them out in a basic pattern, and we both hand-stitched our respective cases.  Today, I did a little pyrography on mine with a soldering iron, since we don’t have any leather-specific tools, and it worked quite well.  We are off to Europe this coming week, and want our passports to look fashionable 🙂

Vintage find: Elephant planters

I found not one, but two of these awesome little vintage planters (that can double as vases) at one of my local secondhand shops.  I don’t even want to post them because I’m afraid Urban Outfitters or Jonathan Adler will knock them off… my fellow bloggers, you know what I mean, right?

But enough of my selfishness.  Jonathan Adler, eat your heart out.

Osborn Design Studio

LOVE these unisex fair-trade shoes designed by Osborn Design Studio, and made in Guatemala City.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen these until today.  These floral booties on top are my personal faves. Check out their site for more awesome fabrics.

osborn, shoes, fair trade, oxfords, booties, fashion, thelooksee

osborn, shoes, fair trade, oxfords, booties, fashion, thelooksee

osborn, shoes, fair trade, oxfords, booties, fashion, thelooksee

I was gone, but I’m back!

I was in New York for this past week for Coterie, and I didn’t have internet access the whole time I was there, so my sincere apologies.  You may be thinking that I’ve deserted this blog.  But no, only for a moment. Also the day before I left I celebrated my 30th birthday with a lovely “fancy” party, which was amazing.  My dear husband helped do all the preparations- decorating and cooking- on Friday and everything turned out splendidly… then I left for Coterie the very next morning and left him with all the mess to clean up!  I felt really bad, but he was a sport about it.  Anyway,  I will try to post photos from the party another time.  Here’s one from New York…