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The Looksee Shop Update 1

I have put up a few new styles!  I hope to put up more as I have time to design/make them, but my daily grind has been tiring me out lately, so I’ve been slacking on jewelry.  Check it out.

vintage, fringe, czech glass, the looksee jewelry, accessories

the looksee jewelry, triangles, necklace, fringe

vintage, fringe, czech glass, the looksee jewelry, accessories

© Christina Beaulac-Ferris

I Can Be Someone Else

“This is not at all my style and maybe I’ll never wear it, but I like to give myself room to dream that sometimes, we can be someone else.”  –Garance Doré


I found this in my post-it notes today.  I forgot I jotted this down from Garance’s site, because I was inspired by the way she (and her translator) encapsulated what I frequently find myself thinking when I buy something unusual, or maybe even just plain funny.  Of course the way this is phrased is much more eloquent than my own musings while shopping.

Echeveria in bloom


My garden is blooming.  These Echeveria’s are especially lovely at the moment.

Happy Father’s Day

Miss you.

Estate sale dishtowels

I found a bunch of things this weekend at estate sales with my good friend Kim- mostly dishtowels!
I was pleased to find this set of four, each with a different embroidered border:





Tiny blossoms

Spring is here! Many of my succulents are blooming.  The cornflower is from outside of my local post office (yes I’m a flower thief), but the little lavender stems with the tiny flowers are from some Sedums in my garden.  Ignore the cottage cheese texture on my wall in the second picture.

*In other news, I put a ton of vintage shoes in the shop, so check them out!

flowers,  gardening, sedum, cornflower, thelooksee

flowers, gardening, sedum, thelooksee

Kiosk: some souvenirs for me!

My husband went to New York last week and (much to my envy) was able to visit the Kiosk store in SoHo.  He brought me some little gifts which I love-  a polka dotted Tenugui (dish/hand towel), a comb with a french pun on it, and a little carved fish ring made of a seashell.

Vintage Find: “Aunt Jo’s Scrap Bag, vol. 5” by Louisa May Alcott 1891

One of several vintage first editions I picked up yesterday at a local thrift store for a ridiculously low price.  Louisa May Alcott is one of my favourite authors (I’m sentimental that way), and so I was very excited to find this gem.  It’s from the original run produced in 1891.  If only I had been able to get all six volumes in this series… now I’m getting greedy.


And look what I found inside….!



How sexy is this packaging that I came across today at the supermarket?

Japanese Crabapple trees

These are a couple of photos I took forever ago with a Polaroid Land Camera and some vintage film on an outing to Descanso Gardens.  These photos got so thrashed from being up on my fridge for a few years (she said shamefully), but I still really like them.  I ended up parting with the camera because it was too expensive to put film in plus, the damn thing was impossible to focus and adjust.  But I did get a few interesting photos out of it.